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Note that our menus list ingredients, not items. Our menus also change, sometimes subtly with slightly different preparations and always seasonally with the freshest products available. These fresh products include meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, greens, herbs, dairy, fruits and condiments each with unique flavors, textures and appearances. With a passion for food, our Kitchen Team has the joy of matching and pairing these diverse qualities and characteristics in creating signature dishes, pleasing to the palate as well as the eye. We love what we do.
Steven J. Oakley
Chef Proprietor


Butternut Squash Maple
three squash relish, clove peppercorn cream, shagbark hickory syrup 6.75

French Onion “Minestrone”
parsley pesto, smoked onion cheddar “grilled cheese” 6.75

Bistro Soup of the Day
seasonal ingredients 6.75


Seven Greens
cucumber, shaved apple, carrot, red onion, potato hay,
walnuts, artichokes, gorgonzola, sherry mustard vinaigrette 9.75 add poached egg 1.25

Summer Harvest
roasted red & yellow beets, butternut squash, endive, frisée, hazelnut pesto, malt vinegar,
“hot” goat cheese mornay sauce, honey fleurons 9.75

Toad in a Hole”
toasted brioche, egg, asparagus, prosciutto, roasted peppers,
poached pears, shaved brussel sprouts, brie, truffle mushroom purée 11.75


Shrimp & Wild Boar
butter poached shrimp, wild boar sunday gravy, smoked onion cream, braised tomato, rosemary ricotta 27.75

Stanley’s Meatloaf
chile jam, whipped potato purée, broccoli, vermont white cheddar cheese, crispy vidalia onion 23.75

Idaho Ruby Trout
cauliflower thyme purée, date cucumber relish, bacon spaetzle, oyster mushroom confit, mustard honey crème fraiche 26.75

Beef Short Ribs
smoked hash brown croquette, creamed kale, tarragon béarnaise vinaigrette, blue cheese salsa verde, crispy onion 32.75

Pork Tenderloin
butternut squash purée, swiss chard, sage ginger waffle, portobello mushrooms, pecans, roasted carrots, apple miso reduction 26.75

Duck & Duck
smoked leg confit, onion soubise, sweet potato purée, pickled blueberry relish,
scallion quinoa, bone marrow streusel, fig port wine gastrique 29.75

crushed tomato sauce, roasted garlic ricotta, pancetta 18.75 add chicken artichoke meatballs 5.75

roasted sweet corn parmesan risotto, artichoke olive romesco, pine nuts, petite vegetables, crispy leeks, sweet & sour red cabbage 24.75

Study of Vegetables
roasted corn risotto & green tomato salsa verde, ratatouille butternut squash cake, grilled seven layer polenta lasagna,
ricotta stuffed eggplant cannelloni with pickled saffron raisins & roasted garlic granola 23.75


mashed potato purée   white truffle oil  6.00
asparagus   lemon hollandaise    6.00
creamed spinach   leeks    6.00
mac-n-goat cheese   pesto    6.00
fried brussel sprouts   bacon honey butter    6.00

Menu is subject to change

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